Addictive Behaviour Therapy & Assessment

Rockwood provides psychotherapy for gambling problems and sexual addiction/hypersexuality. We have conducted many studies on sexual addiction and problematic gambling. Our approach to the treatment of addictive behaviour problems has empirical support and is grounded in a positive, strengths-based, approach. The goal of our treatment is to help the client live a better, more fulfilling life. There are a number of forms of gambling problems and sexual addictions and our treatment approach starts with a comprehensive assessment to identify each person's unique treatment needs. Contact us below.

Assessment and Therapy for Other Problem Behaviours

Rockwood takes the same strengths-based, positive, approach to psychotherapy for all forms of problems behaviours. We have examined the effect of our treatment programs for other problem behaviours, such as domestic violence and anger problems, and found positive results in terms of improved psychosocial functioning. Contact Rockwood below.